In the December issue we visit the picturesque north of the county, to get a flavour of life in the village.

Many tend to think of the Cotswold Water Park, covering 40 square miles with over 150 lakes in the flooded gravel pits, as being in Gloucestershire. Perhaps the description ‘Cotswold’ leads to this but the park also lies in West Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. The infant Thames flows through it and on its journey to London and the North Sea meets its very first village in Wiltshire’s Ashton Keynes.

You’re unlikely to pass through the village on any journey, although cyclists and walkers, especially on the Thames Path, will know it well. This isolation from major roads leads to relatively low traffic levels making the village streets pleasant places to walk. These present a pleasing mix of traditional Cotswold stone houses and small modern developments and infill with some very attractive gardens.

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