More than 160 shops making shopping easy ahead of Christmas. This year is different: none of us knows what is ahead of us, but The Early, Early Christmas Fair, which always brings a huge array of amazing, stunning and affordable presents, is staying open until after Christmas.

With more than 700 events on hold or cancelled across the country, on which ABF The Soldiers’ Charity relies on to meet its demands, keeping this event open allows them to continue to raise as much money as possible. It gives many people a chance to shop and support the country’s premier army charity. It is so difficult to plan ahead at the moment, but the EECVF has proven to be such a fabulous shopping experience: no queues, no travelling and everything you buy will be delivered to your door.

Go onto the website www. where you will be able to access all the shops. When checkout use the code EECVF, which will access any offers or discounts, and they will then send 10% to the ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.