Ben Maton, a Salisbury organist and former Oxford University organ scholar, is releasing his first CD in support of the Stars Appeal.

The music was recorded at St Michael's church in Wilsford cum-Lake, and aims to raise money for the Stars Appeal, a charity which funds care for local people in hospital.

Ben says: “There was a period when church services and live music-making were banned, hence the title pun OrganStops. In this very dark time I reflected on the immense pressure faced by our hospital, and decided that when the lockdown eased and organs could be played again, I'd record a full CD of organ favourites to help support the amazing work it does for us all.”

Lord Pembroke, president of the Stars Appeal, has written an introduction to the recording, printed on the inside sleeve-note. Listeners can reflect on his words to the music of Bach, Handel, Purcell and many more, through favourites ranging from Air on the G String to The Liberty Bell March.

Ben adds: “I hope this CD helps bring the joy of music into people's homes, and so support a wonderful charity that is closer to our hearts than ever before. Congregational singing may not be allowed, but that didn't stop the birds who accompanied me from the churchyard!”



To purchase the CD (£12), contact Ben Maton: