​Early 2020 saw the band Faustus performing at venues in Australia and New Zealand. The band are now back in the UK and their April 2020 tour will bring them to venues in Wiltshire.

Playing music for our times, Faustus take traditional English music, pull it apart, put it together again and move it on. For their 2020 tour, Faustus members bring a selection of material, including pieces from their newest EP, Cotton Lords (2019).

A vigorous rhythmic impetus and a rock/prog rock influence propel the band's pieces into the here and now. The range of instruments deployed by band members in unconventional ways gives unique texture, depth and variety to their sound.

Driving rhythms on bouzouki and guitar are reinforced by the melodeon, fiddle, oboe and cor anglais, creating arrangements that are intriguing and subtle, boisterous or punchy. These instruments set Faustus apart from other bands, as do the distinctive individual voices of Benji Kirkpatrick, Paul Sartin and Saul Rose. Their close harmonies are faultless and well-crafted and all three members trade lead vocals to great effect.

Never content to cover the same ground twice, the band produce song after song to surprise and entertain. The band said: "We do work hard on crafting arrangements to make them musically interesting, and also stitching together texts to make music that is not just ephemeral, but has some sort of lasting quality." www.faustusband.com


Saturday 18 April, Keevil Village Hall, Wilts, from 7pm.

Tickets £15 | Tel. 01380 870661/870417 | www.keevilvillage.com/whats-on/folk-night

Wednesday 22 April, Marlborough Folk-Roots, Marlborough Town Hall, at 8pm

Tickets £16 | Tel. 01672 512465 | www.marlboroughfolk-roots.co.uk/buy-tickets