Established in Calne in 1882, Goughs remains one of Wiltshire’s leading law firms. Exceptionally proud of their heritage and excellent local reputation, Goughs are committed to meeting and exceeding all clients’ needs.

Image: Ross Phillips, Partner & Member of the Private Wealth Sector

Their mission is simple: to provide excellent, trusted and truly personal legal services. They recognised the need for a different approach to client care and in 2017 introduced ‘Sectors’ to the firm. Their approach is different, looking through your eyes, they consider your needs and take the time to understand your world, providing pragmatic and practical solutions that will always meet your needs.

Ross Phillips, Partner in the Family Law Team and member of the Private Wealth Sector, is regularly instructed by high net worth individuals going through separation and divorce. Such cases often involve complex family trusts, businesses and inherited wealth.

Ross explains the complexities of divorce when high net worth wealth is involved:

It is saddening and frustrating for individuals to learn that the person they once trusted more than anyone can, on divorce, seek up to half, sometimes more, of their assets. Family businesses and trusts may have to be broken up or assets held within them sold to settle a divorce claim and inherited wealth may need to be shared to meet both parties' needs.

Parents will often want to secure their child’s future by ensuring their child’s spouse or partner won’t be entitled to make a claim on divorce or separation, when they are considering handing wealth down through the generations.”

So How Can Goughs Support?

“There are many legal remedies available that can support you and your families future. Cohabitation Agreements set out clearly defined parameters on exactly what must happen with assets accrued by a couple in the event of their separation. Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements entered into are increasingly likely to be upheld in the event of separation. The days of them not being worth the paper they are written on are long gone, so I would strongly recommend giving Goughs a call to advise you on your situation.”

Ross Phillips, Partner & Member of the Private Wealth Sector

Ross joined Goughs in 2011 and is based in Calne. He has a particular interest in high net worth and complex matrimonial issues including, business interests, pre-marital wealth, pensions, trusts and the dissipation or concealment of marital assets.

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“Ross always gave very balanced, realistic advice and listened in a compassionate and attentive way. He managed communications with the other party in a direct no nonsense way to achieve our aims whilst proactively managing costs. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Ross to others and have indeed done so on many occasions .” J.E, Chippenham