100 years - a lifetime to us, but just a moment in the life of a forest. ​

100 years: that’s how long the Forestry Commission has been looking after the nation’s forests and, as Forestry England look after them for the next 100 years, how will it need to be different?

Managing forests and woodlands requires balance. Forests need a plan. For Savernake, this means balancing the need for trees to grow and thrive whilst retaining notable and veteran trees for wildlife to flourish and for people
to enjoy.

Forestry England manages and cares for the nation’s 1,500 woods and forests, with over 230 million visits per year. As England’s largest land manager, we shape landscapes, enhance forests for people to enjoy and allow wildlife to flourish and businesses to grow.

The forest plan for Savernake Forest is about to be revised. To help reshape elements of the plan, Forestry England is asking local people what is important and special about Savernake Forest to them.

What is a forest plan?

A forest plan sets out how Forestry England manages the woodlands in their care over the next 30 or more years.

The plan:

  • provides a description of the woods as they are now
  • outlines the main points considered when deciding what is best for the woods
  • describes how the forest will develop over time
  • gives specific information about approved tree felling, replanting and regeneration over the next ten years

Forestry England is committed to ensure the forests they manage are resilient and healthy for generations to come - resilient against climate change, pests, diseases and pressures that our changing society will place on the forest in the future.

Ben Robinson, Forest Planner for Forestry England, said: “The world and our climate is changing and the pace of change is speeding up. The impact this will have on our forests over the next generation of trees and people will be profound.

“This survey is a great opportunity for people to be involved in the long-term vision for Savernake Forest’s future and how we approach forestry and land management to ensure Savernake Forest flourishes for generations
to come.”

Survey closes 16th February 2020

To take part in the survey visit www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SavernakeForest

Media Contact: Stephanie Johns Stephanie.johns@forestryengland.uk 0300 067 4826

For more information visit forestryengland.uk. Forestry England is an agency of the Forestry Commission.

Celebrating 100 years of Forestry In September 1919, the Forestry Commission was founded to restore the nation’s woods and forests following the First World War, and the passing of the Forestry Act. Find out more about our history and how we are celebrating www.forestryengland.uk/100