​Charlie Walker will present an illustrated talk at Broad Chalke Village Hall on Saturday, 23rd November at 7.30pm titled, A Long Walk Home. In 2010, Charlie set off from the Chalke Valley by bicycle and returned 4.5 years later with 43,000 miles behind him.

His journey included walking 1,000 miles across the Gobi desert, horse-trekking 600 miles thought the Mongolian steppe and descending a little known tributary of the Congo river by dugout canoe.

His talk recounts some of the highlights and challenges of his adventure that him arrested, suspected of espionage, chased by elephants, lost in blizzards, beaten by a village mob, and struck down by malaria.

The evening programme:

7.30pm prosecco and eats
8.00pm illustrated talk by Charlie Walker
9.00pm finish

Venue: Broad Chalke Village Hall
Tickets: £15 includes glass of prosecco and eats - available at the Hub Broadchalke and from committee members. The event will raise funds for Broad Chalke Village Hall.