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Could your vote have made a difference in Wiltshire Life’s bid to discover the Town of the Year?

04 Mar 2016

Get out and about with Wiltshire Life

Wiltshire Life reveals its Town of the Year in the April issue. Could your vote have made a difference?

With Easter in mind, there’s a very chocolatey My Wiltshire and you can also discover 18 remarkable things to do in Wiltshire this spring. Such as? Well, where to hear a nightingale for a start.

We also tell you what you mustn’t miss in Warminster and what delights are in store in the New Forest village of Landford. Plus, did you know Scottish ponies rarer than the giant panda, are thriving in Wiltshire? Or how a very special goat mascot spends his time at Lucknow Barracks? Or which clematis to choose for your garden? Or where to find cowslips?

We also have news of Wiltshire Council’s consultation on our bus services, a new walking challenge laid down by the National Trust, the landscape and villages WH Hudson loved and the former eventer turned author who has a tale of courage and bravery to tell.

And… we take a look at quintessential Wiltshire, and the county’s liquid assets: village ponds.

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